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Quoted in DesignRush’s Top SEO Experts Release

Quoted in DesignRush’s Top SEO Experts Release

6/4/22, 4:00 PM

As stated by Joey DiGangi, COO of W.D. Strategies, businesses should not trust the misconception that website builders can impact rankings. Instead, they should focus on relevant strategies such as on-page SEO factors to achieve results.

People have the misconception that you need to use WordPress or some other builder their colleague told them about if you want to rank well. The truth — which came from the CEO of Google, himself — is that using WordPress or Wix or some other platform isn’t going to necessarily impact ranking. The site’s performance, on-page optimization, metadata and other factors drive your online visibility. We manage several high-ranking sites that are built using different platforms.Joey DiGangi – COO of W.D. Strategies

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